This November, Missoula voters will have the opportunity to vote FOR our bus and Missoula's future. Mountain Line – our community bus system – ensures that employees can get to work, students can get to school, and seniors and those with disabilities can remain independent and mobile. Mountain Line helps reduce traffic and parking congestion, sprawl, and helps lower air pollution. Mountain Line benefits the entire community and is an essential part of Missoula’s future.

Our Community is Growing


In 1976, Missoula voters created the Missoula Urban Transportation District (MUTD) the first community bus system in Montana, to operate a public bus service, called Mountain Line. Since that time, Mountain Line has provided affordable, convenient public transportation for the Missoula community.

As gas prices rise and Missoula continues to grow, more and more Missoulians are relying on the bus for their daily commutes. Mountain Line set annual ridership records in each of the last two fiscal years, providing well over 900,000 rides in 2012. Mountain Line’s specialized transportation services for seniors and people with disabilities has seen an 18% increase in passengers during the last fiscal year. Unfortunately, revenue has not kept pace with the increased demand for bus service. Additional resources for the District will be required before additional higher-frequency bus routes and late evening bus service can be implemented.

Vote FOR Our Bus and Missoula’s Future

The Missoula Urban Transportation District is proposing an increase in the public transit mill levy for the November 5, 2013, municipal election. This will be the first ballot request since Mountain Line was created by the voters in 1976. The proposed mill levy increase of 14.5 mills will raise approximately $1.7 million, and will allow Mountain Line to increase bus frequency on two important routes, provide late evening bus service on four routes, and expand specialized transportation service for seniors and people with disabilities. An affordable, convenient public transportation system is vital to Missoula's future.

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