Endorse the Campaign and Help Win for Our Bus and Missoula!

By joining these community leaders, businesses and organizations, you can help make the case that effective, convenient public transportation is essential for the livability of Missoula, now and in the future.

Bike/Walk Alliance for Missoula
John Engen, Mayor
Congressman Pat Williams (ret.)
Asa Hohman, President, Associated Students of the University of Montana
Rep. Bryce Bennett
Rep. Jen Gursky
Rep. Ellie Hill
Rep. Nancy Wilson
Rep. Carolyn Squires
Sen. Carol Williams (ret.)
Sen. Sue Malek
Jason Wiener, City Council, Ward 1
Dave Strohmaier, City Council, Ward 1
Cynthia Wolken, City Council, Ward 2
Alex Taft, City Council, Ward 3
Caitlin Copple, City Council, Ward 4
Jordan Hess, City Council candidate
Bryan von Lossberg, City Council candidate
Emily Bentley, City Council candidate
Andrea Davis
Daniel Kemmis
Elaine Hawk
Ellen Buchanan
Jack Chambers

You can endorse the campaign as an organization, a business or as an individual:

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