Friends of Mountain Line Announces a Diverse Group of Supporters for Mountain Line’s Mill Levy

Released at: October 19, 2013
Contact: Derek Goldman

For Immediate Release:  October 16, 2013

Contact:   Derek Goldman, 721-3218, 

Local Hospitals, Businesses, Organizations and Community Leaders Agree
Mountain Line Bus Service is Essential to Missoula


MISSOULA, Mont. -- With ballots set to be mailed to Missoula voters next week, a unique and diverse group of organizations and community leaders are working together under the banner of Friends of Mountain Line to support Missoula’s public bus system and Mountain Line’s first mill levy election since 1976. 

Friends of Mountain Line supporters include Mayor John Engen, Community Medical Center, Providence Saint Patrick Hospital, Missoula Downtown Association, Southgate Mall, Teamsters Local No. 2, ASUM Office of Transportation, MontPIRG, Montana Conservation Voters, as well as many other local groups and a host of local elected officials. Together they have helped build a broad base of support for the measure. 

“Considering how divisive politics can be today, it’s really special when you find an issue that brings so many different organizations and people together,” said Missoula Mayor John Engen, who is also treasurer of Friends of Mountain Line. “This mill levy is exactly that sort of issue. We all know how Mountain Line is essential to the quality of life here and how vital it is to the future of our community.”

If approved by the voters, the mill levy will fund Mountain Line to meet increasing demand for curbside services for senior citizens and people with disabilities, extend bus service into the late evening hours, and increase bus frequency on busy routes.

“I've lived in many communities and Mountain Line is as in-touch and responsive to the community’s needs as any other bus system I have seen,” said Tim Winger general Manager of Southgate Mall. “They have developed a very user friendly transportation system that truly serves the community.”

This November’s city election will be an all-mail ballot election where voters in the city election as well as voters in the Missoula Urban Transit District will receive ballots by mail on or around October 22nd.  Completed ballots must be received by the elections office by 8pm Tuesday, November 5th.  Voters may return ballots via U.S. mail or drop them off at the elections offices at the County Courthouse or at the County Fairgrounds.  Alternatively, any eligible voter may register to vote and cast a ballot on or before election day at Fairgrounds. For more information on voting and ballot drop off locations, please visit the Missoula County Elections webpage: or call 258-4751.

“For many people, Mountain Line is vitally important for accessing medical care, and the bus also offers additional opportunities for daily physical activity, walking or biking to and from bus stops,” said Mary Windecker, Vice President of Planning & Marketing at Community Medical Center. “Studies show that people who use public transportation add an average of 19 minutes of walking to their daily lives. Mountain Line helps make Missoula a healthy place to live and work for everyone.”

Mountain Line’s mill levy request for additional funding is the bus service’s first since Missoula voters created the transportation district in 1976. Community members are encouraged to visit to learn more and to get involved in the effort to support Missoula’s bus system.  

“We welcome the support and involvement of all Missoulians, said Engen.  “We also want to encourage Missoula voters to return their ballots during the two week mail ballot election that begins on October 22nd.”

“The community support for Mountain Line is quite evident by the level of businesses, community and rider involvement throughout this process,” added Winger. “Mountain Line is definitely one of the very good things Missoula has to offer and the people of Missoula have the privilege to support.”

Click here for a list of current Supporters of Friends of Mountain Line include. 

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Paid for by Friends of Mountain Line
John Engen, Treasurer ● PO Box 484 ● Missoula, MT 59806
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