Missoula Independent Endorses Mountain Line Mill Levy

This Missoula Independent endorsed our effort this morning--read this glowing endorsement here!

Missoula Urban Transportation District mill levyChad_Harder_photo.JPG

During the past two years, Mountain Line has consistently broken ridership records. Last year alone, it provided 943,809 lifts to locals. For the first time since 1976, the Missoula Urban Transportation District is asking taxpayers to help Mountain Line grow.

Specifically, Mountain Line is requesting $1.7 million annually—roughly $19.11 in taxes for a $100,000 home—to extend bus service into the late evening hours and to fill demand on busy routes. The levy would also provide much-needed van service to the elderly and people with disabilities.

Mountain Line helps keep cars off the road and, in doing so, curbs the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to a warming climate. The service also provides a vital link to low-income people who can’t afford a vehicle,  enabling them to connect with the broader Missoula community. We think a “yes” vote is a no-brainer for such an important local service.

Endorsement: Vote “Yes” to Mountain Line Mill Levy


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Missoula Independent Endorses Mountain Line Mill Levy
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